The Vùlture Oil.
From now on it’s Pdo

What does that mean? The Vùlture P.D.O. Oil
producers association

The protected designation of origin named Vùlture is needed to certify its production process, the quality of the passages from the crop to the bottle, as well as to guarantee its origin.
The Pdo was obtained in order to protect the territory, but also to reveal it to those who still do not really know it.



Vùlture DOP
a superb experience

Where? In the vulture, a land
of lakes and volcanos

The Producers Association for the Protected Designation of Origin of the Vùlture Extra Virgin Olive Oil gathers most of the growers, olive millers and packagers of the nine Municipalities falling inside the “Vùlture” P.D.O. geographical area (Atella, Barile, Ginestra, Maschito, Melfi, Rapolla, Rionero in Vùlture, Ripacandida and Venosa), which have established a sole entity to protect and promote their oil.


Today there is a somewhat gained awareness of one’s own strength,with a clear boldness to appear barefaced, show one’s hands, with no fear to represent a suburban world, far from town, confined to the countryside.
Today, owing to Vùlture Pdo and its one commercial label Olio Vù, there is by sure the redemption and jerk of self-esteem of a region, Basilicata, which not too far back was left on the sidelines. Today everything has changed, and you just need to look into the Vùlture oil millers’ project to realize it.
They united – and if you know Italy, a Country forever internally divided, that is something notable – and found in the common name Vù their distinctive and characterizing element.

The undertaking of the Vùlture oil millers has officially been recognized with the establishment of the Vùlture Pdo.

The CEO of the Producers Association
Vùlture Pdo

Dott. Giuseppe Masturzo